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What’s it all about? Who can make any sense of it? Is there an answer to life? Is there any direction for living life with any real meaning and purpose?

These questions, and many others like them, are asked by every human being somewhere along the way: everyone searches for meaning, purpose, and direction. The knowledge and understanding of The Eternal Purpose and Plan of God reveals the timeless answers to these ageless questions. Are you thinking, “Oh no, not another book about religion and theology”?

I would like for you to think about this book as an opportunity to read and learn about life; its meaning, its purpose, and your reason for living.” Why you are here, where you are going, and what to do with your life in order to experience the greatest joy and satisfaction of your being…no matter what.

My desire and prayer is that the user of this volume will come to know Him who said, “I come that you may have life, and have it to the full.” And through knowing Him, you will have the fullness of life that He gives: Life that is timeless and ageless. Life that is meaningful and purposeful. Life that is absolute because it is connected to the Creator of us all and is determined by His own purpose and plan. Come to know that life. Receive it for your very own. Enjoy it. Forever.


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